Our Mission

The Ballysaggart lough, or better know locally as the 'black Lough' is recognised by the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust as “ …the most important wetland area in the Dungannon District after Lough Neagh”. However, prolonged neglect of the Lough has placed a fragile habitat and its wildlife in ever increasing danger of being lost forever. At 6%, Northern Ireland has the lowest 'Land Protected for wildlife' in the UK. Our mission is to engage the community and local council, stimulate interest and debate and ensure that this habitat is developed in a sustainable manner preserving it for future generations.

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Birds on the Lough

Ballysaggart lough has been demonstrated to be of particular value for birds. A peak count of over 500 migratory wildfowl (19 species). These include national important numbers of Goldeneye (120 birds 1-2% of Irish population. 50 Species breed in the general area and over half of the 30 priority species for Northern Ireland. You can learn all about the Birds on the Lough and when's the best time of year to spot them more …

Plans for the new centre

drawing of the
new centreWe've just received plans for our proposed new centre. Based on the eastern shore it will act as an education centre, environmental community centre and a focal point for all the work of the Ballysaggart Environmental Group. Have a look at our plans for the future.
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Bird of the month

go to the RSPB site for more info The small, dumpy Little Grebe which often appears to have a 'fluffy' rear end. It readily dives when disturbed, surfacing unseen some distance away. In summer it has a bright chestnut throat and cheeks and a pale gape patch at the base of the bill. It can be noisy, with a distinctive whinnying trill.
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The recent report

The Group recently commissioned the Wetlands Advisory Service (WWT) to produce an interim report on the present condition and immediate threats to the Lough. They identified some immediate problems more…


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